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Working with kids is a fascinating job but not all people can do it. You need a lot of patience and you should be a kind person in addition to having the right education. So, if you are one of those gifted people who are good with kids and have the educational background, you may be considering starting a day care.

As there are many child care facilities nowadays you would need a competitive advantage over the others if you want your business to succeed.

The place

Where you set up the facility is of utmost importance as the child is more precious to a parent than anything else and they would not want him or her to be in place that is not in a good neighborhood.

Security measures

Ensure that you have adequate security. High walls, sturdy gates and enough assistants are essential. As a 4G LTE router with SIM can be bought easily, you can consider the option of installing security cameras that can be monitored even when you are not in the facility yourself. Looking for a good and efficient router you can see this page for more details.

Make sure that you remove all things that can harm children both inside and out and if you have a lawn, ensure that there are no trees that have rotten branches or anything that can fall unexpectedly.


Recruit people who are qualified to take care of kids and who have knowledge about the early childhood development so that the parents will know that you will be assisting the child’s brain development while taking care of him or her.

Most parents are afraid to leave small children at child care facilities as they do not like the uncertainty of not being able to know how the child is coping with the staff and the kids and how their child is being treated during their absence. As there are a lot of instances where children have been manhandled by day care staff, you can improve the parent’s trust if you can facilitate online monitoring. All you need to do is to install some cameras and have an Internet connection using a good 4G router. This will allow the parents to check on their phone via Internet. As most day cares do not allow parental monitoring is bound to increase the popularity of your establishment.


Children are prone to catch infections and fall ill pretty soon. Therefore, it is important to keep the establishment clean. Not only the place but also the staff has to be clean. If you consider the above in addition to obtaining the necessary certificates and licenses to run the place, you are sure to thrive while doing something you love.